As a Computer Systems Engineer and Analyst for a large financial services firm in the greater New York area, Amita Vadlamudi brings more than 30 years of relevant experience to her work, along with an outstanding record in her field. With a particular expertise in mainframe and Unix systems, Ms. Vadlamudi provides the full spectrum of IT support, from network maintenance to coding in several languages. Throughout her career in engineering, Amita Vadlamudi has built fluency in Solaris and AIX Operating Systems, installed and maintained a number of related peripherals, and worked with Ipfc, Teamquest, CST, Perl, Java, and Veritas Cluster Software. In addition, she commands a rich degree of experience with such languages as PL1, Assembler, C/370, COBOL, Shell Scripting, and REXX.

Amita Vadlamudi began her career working on various IBM Mainframe Operating Systems, including MVS and VM/ESA, along with TSO, JES, and PROFS components. A graduate of Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey, Ms. Vadlamudi earned her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She has also completed coursework in Perl, Java, Visual Basic, HTML, and other topics at a local community college.

Recognized for her contributions to the community, Ms. Vadlamudi has volunteered as a grocery shopper for individuals who cannot leave their homes and currently serves as a shelf reader at her local library, where she helps to ensure the proper organization of books by call number. Active outside of her local community as well, Amita Vadlamudi has donated to such worthy organizations as CARE, UNICEF, the American Red Cross, NPR and PBS. When not working, Ms. Vadlamudi enjoys reading, hiking, swimming, and exercising at the gym.