What is Information Technology?


With over 35 years of experience in information technology, Amita Vadlamudi was a computer systems analyst who supported mainframe and distributed systems.

Information technology (IT) involves the use, maintenance, and development of computer systems, software, and networks. Information technology is used to process and distribute large quantities of data, voice, or video.

Information technology includes all computers with a human interface; peripheral devices connected to a computer or network; and voice, video, and data networks to transmit and receive data. Examples of information technology include telephones and radios for voice communication; computer applications or programs used to input, store, or process data like spreadsheet or word processing programs; and server hardware and software to support company or group computing needs. Examples of machinery not categorized as information technology include standalone computing or monitoring systems such as fire alarms, standalone audio-visual equipment including video cameras or televisions, and copy and fax machines.