Effects of Hypoglycemia

Having worked for a large company with onsite health care center and gym, Amita Vadlamudi is conscious about health matters. While supporting the company’s computer systems Amita Vadlamudi took the time to work out at the gym and to learn about how diet affects person’s wellbeing.

Hypoglycemia is a low blood sugar condition. While severe hypoglycemia can be caused by diabetes treatment and has serious consequences, mild hypoglycemia can also have many unpleasant effects.

Many behavioral and emotional problems in children and adults can be traced to hypoglycemia. It is well-known that over-consumption of sugar often causes hyperactivity in children. On the other hand, often a sudden hike in blood sugar can lead to sudden dip causing hypoglycemia that results in mood swings in children. Children may become irritable, irrational and exhibit defiant behaviors. Sometimes they might withdraw and show lack of interest. Hypoglycemia just as often affects adults. It could cause fatigue, irritability, memory loss, lack of focus and concentration.

There are no drugs you can take to permanently cure hypoglycemia. But you can prevent and control hypoglycemia by following a healthy life style.

It is very important for people suffering the symptoms of hypoglycemia to follow a healthy diet. Instead of eating few big meals, you should eat small portions every 3 hours or so. Each meal should contain a proper balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Sugary snacks and drinks should be avoided. Whole fruits, vegetables, nuts and crackers are good snack choices. Water is the best drink choice. It also helps to get proper amount of sleep each day (7-8 hours) and low to moderate levels of exercise at least 3 times a week.